31 – Final Film

Finally my animation film “Loop” is done *jumps happily

I had uploaded on my Youtube channel so do give a look and subscribe my channel if u want to see more animation in the future!



As a reflection for my animation, i think my animation improved a lot in aesthetic sense! It’s my first time ever to try on this colour palette and style to animate, i have a lot of brainstorming and mind-blown at first but when i started to animate everything just getting smoother and smoother (?)

Hope can submit to some film festival so that i can get some popularity …


29 – Animation Test

In one of my animation shots, i will have a run cycle, instead of doing run cycle on the scene i did it in the separate file to test out how the character runs.


Rough animation.


Touch up of rough animation.




Final run cycle.


My lecturer passed my runcycle during my rough animation stage XD

The run cycle will be used in this scene:


Background Design for my parallaxing / running animation


Final result of my running scene:


28 – Background & Animation


Figure above will be my room design, which the character lying on the bed and thinking of himself and his life.

the end result will be something like this:


(I actually started to do animation in the early weeks but i just forgot to upload my progress often here.)



Two figures above are the background for my character sits inside the train, the first one wasnt looks good in composition wise, so my lecturer suggested me to change a bit composition by shifting the position of the train background slightly to the left.

Outside the train (window), it will be parallaxing of the sky mirror that I did in the previous post.

The end result will be this:


27 – Background Design

In my animation, i will have a big parallaxing scene (actually there’s lots of background parallaxing) for the train to enter the scene.


I referred on some sky mirror photography and animation to check out how the train and clouds work in this background. I got inspired by Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki



sky mirror06

Final Image of my Sky Mirror.


26 – Character Development

So from previous post, I figured out what kind of character that i wanted to portray in my animation.


Synopsis of Lin, the main character of the animation.


I designed him to be a lonely adult that worked in the city. Since i want to portray the loneliness and helpless in the animation, a triangular character made him looks unstable and thin body line can show a bit of his frustration and suffering in the working environment, even the city are full of crowds.

I named him as Lin, cause Lin have the same pronunciation of zero in Chinese, which also a circle shape that fits with my animation title “Loop”.



Character Design of Lin.


Colour Scheme of Lin.



Poses of Lin.


Poses of Lin.


Lin’s Expressions.


Parents of Lin will be in the film but most likely in Lin’s flashback, showing his missing home feels and enhance more of his loneliness that staying alone in the city.

For father’s design will goes to first one (left one), mother’s design same goes to first one (right two)


Lin’s Parents.

25 – Character Development

I sketched some characters for my animation, i wanted my animation protagonist to be a tiny and slim working adult to represent how exhausted and how struggling he was in the city.


I was designing the first one and my lecturer suggested that it wasn’t suit with my background and my story, because his eyes are too big. Then i designed characters based on shapes, and finally i decided to a slim, tall and triangular character like the 4th character.

My lecturer also asked me to look for more references, like this one:


It has fine lines and grey tones that i wanted to try out for this animation, and yeah I got the idea of the character designs for my character.


Then i experimented triangular shapes characters and here i still goes with my first design, because other designs arent suitable and fit with my world concepts.



But i still not satisfied with my protagonist faces, so I designed and tried on more types of the character developments. And lastly i decided with the last face but make the mouth to be flatter , because my animation cannot have too active curve lines but more straight and unstable lines.

24 – Concept Sketches 02

Concept01So after discussion with the lecturers, I decided to go on with first idea which is Soul of the Sea.

Then I blocked out and brainstorming with more sketches and composition to show the loneliness of the character, some of the frames do not tell and present the strong feeling of the loneliness so I am not going to use them.

Studio Sketches 01

The 8th frame is not usable, because the running scene in the city doesnt show he is lonely and struggling at all, same goes to 7th frame.

Studio Sketches 02

All these can be my storyboard and compositions but i’m still considering which one i am going to use and which one is not usable.

One of my lecturer suggested me to put more symbolism to enhance the story and the scene. and yes I can continue working on my storyboard and character designs!


23 – Concept Sketches

Based on last post that i created, I made some sketches based on each story that i wanted to do.


Soul of the Sea

I wanted to show the loneliness of the character when he was being abandoned based on the original text.




Based on Aladdin main character made 3 wishes after he found out the lamp. But what i wanted to do is the exact same thing but the protagonist had to pay something (deal) with the lamp aka demon, if he never do that karma will come to him and he will be dead in the end of the film.


A Reason to Live (NieR:Automata)

This was based on one of the picture book in the game NieR:Automata, basically it was talking about how and why the machines stay alive in the world there’s no more humanity. Each of the machines has something to protect and something to treasure on.

22 – Adaptation of Stories into Animation

New semester new assignments *dead

For this semester’s studio practice, we have to make an animation adaptation from either a poetry or a short story.

So i came up with 3 pitches, and here’s the slides of my presentations.



I’m challenging myself on doing emotion animation, because this story is about an abandoned teenage that feel lonely, and missed his family.



For this pitch, i referenced on Aladdin, protagonist got a lamp and make wishes to get what they want. I want to tell audiences that nothing is free in this world, so there’s some karma if you don’t pay for your wishes.



I referred on Nier: Automata game picture book, talking about machines which have feelings but humans are not allow them to have emotions.