40 – Final Animation


I don’t really record down the work in progress of my animation and my background designs, so here straight away jump to the final animation!


It got selected into Viddsee Juree Singapore 2018 (out of competition)! Hope my film can get more into film festivals,

so that i can meet great people and enjoy trips to overseas festivals!




Another side note:

My first BA film “Loop” have selected into several film festivals!

Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2018
Viddsee Juree Singapore 2018 (out of competition)

I was surprised when i actually got into international film festivals, and hence it lower down my hate to this film and I kinda have more passion and motivations to do more animated shorts and films in the future.

Rewatch my film here:




39 – Colour Script

The colour script was done in between when we were doing animation and colouring the background.

61. Colour Script

The first act will be more warmer colour then it will drops to desaturated and black colours like act 2 works, since Rosalind will drop into a void which is her imaginary world and foresee how her brother get through the stares and judgement form public. Act 3 will be more towards to white and more brighter tones as it will come with a happy ending.



63. Colour Script

Value keys of each key scenes.

38 – Background Design And Developments

32. Enviroment Development33. Enviroment Development

At first i though the location will be set at Kehua’s house so I went to her house to take some photos and painted over it by using the references below.

11. Visual References.jpg



Then we changed the location into a shopping mall, specifically lift, because there’s a lot people will take lift in shopping center. So I did references and variation styles to explore more on lift and background style.

34. Enviroment Development35. Enviroment Development36. Enviroment Development

37 – Character Design and Developments

For the next character which is Josephe, featured Kehua’s younger brother in the film.

24. Character Development

The style has to fit and similar with Rosalind, so we chose the 2nd design but with 5th body shape.


25. Character Development

Because I wanted to show the innocent part of Josephe, I designed variation of kid cloths and turned out the 2nd is the best design, other are kinda too fashion or mainstream for a kid.


26. Josephe Character Sheet27. Josephe Colour Scheme28. Josephe Expression Sheet29. Josephe Poses30. Josephe Poses



36 – Character Design and Developments

The main character which featured Kehua (LOL), as the elder sister in the film, who struggling with the stares of public when her younger brother has a breakdown at public areas. Her name is Rosalind.

17. Character Development

The variation and body shapes of Rosalind, Kehua preferred the 4th and 5th design so we combined them together.

18. Character Development

More clothes and hair style variation, in the end we chose 4th hairstyle and 1st outfit.


19. Rosalind Character Sheet

20. Rosalind Colour Scheme


21. Rosalind Expression Sheet22. Rosalind Poses23. Rosalind Poses

Poses and expressions of Rosalind were done by Kehua.

35 – Storyboard & Character Sketches

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Here’s the final storyboard for the group project, we finally sorted things out and Kehua chose to stick with the idea surrounding the lift.

The location was set in a shopping mall so we could present the crowd’s stares and autism brother’s mental breakdown in the public. The story will tell in both characters’ point of views so that audiences could get the idea of autism awareness.


34 – Concept Sketches

The idea that i will work on is Kehua’s, and her idea is about herself trying hard to get rid of the judgemental stares from the crowd, when her autism brother had a breakdown in the public space.

In her pitch too, she also talked about how smart her brother could memorise all the lift brands and types since he is obsessed with the lifts. So as well she wanted to  center the narratives with the lift.


(C) Kehua my beloved director


Originally her pitching was too long for a 2 minute animation, so we later on work on more sketches.

Since the story line wasn’t settle yet, so i sketched some compositions to try to get the story fix in a specific narrative. For more researches and references purposes, I went to Kehua’s house for more inspiration.


Trying to discover more on the stares from public and the loneliness of himself.


Kehua has a bird pet, that her brother was so scared of it last time. 


More development on autism brother’s pov. 



33 – Final Pitching

So as last post stated, I will proceed to the second idea which is the machine and devil one because it got more potential to work on it.


The Original Pitching

So i developed some concepts like characters and some shots from the pitching,


Devil’s design


Shots and composition might be used in animation.


Machine designs.


The references I got the casino and the game battle idea was from an anime called Death Parade (2015), to have the same atmosphere of having gambling / casino / battle in the hell.


Death Parade (2015)

The character designs for humans I did reference on this artist, its one of my favourite and the stylised design could be very impactful to the audiences.


(C) Nakamura Yuusuke


Machine design references. 


Devil’s references.

At some parts of my pitching, i realised that my story was kinda similar to Cuphead, so as well i could take it as one of the references, as well as Devilman Crybaby, a new netflix animation in 2018.


BUT in the end my idea wasnt being choose so i will stop my pitching here and next will be the group project treatments!

32 – BA2 Semester 2 Pitching

I was super late for this update and super inactive recently because I just want to get everything done before I posted some WIP here. I will update the WIP slowly so please give me some times!

As new semester started, I as well also started the new studio pitching, this time we have to do a 2 minute animation that will be 2 characters’ interactions. For this project we have to group with classmates and the idea to work on will be voted by classmates, so it means some ideas will be chosen some will not. (others just be slaves HAHA)

So, the narrative for the studio have some requirements, either one of them will be fine:

  1. An idea that tackles a social or political issue, raise awareness and promote agency in an ethical way.
  2. An idea that explores human relationships and humanity.
  3. An idea that explore the fluid conditions of life, taking inspiration from poetic moments.



For the first one, i would like to present the emptyness of life, like how the main character will search his way to fill the empty in his entire life. The masks, the broken glasses and the see shaw will be the symbolism in the film. If i can work on this film, the film will be exactly an art film rather than an animation film so i rejected this idea.



The second idea much more interesting, i was trying to portray on how nowadays people working blindly as machines, they don’t have any dream and thinking anymore. The narrative will be something related to game with devil, which the character has to escape away and try to win the battle, if not he will turn into a machine and work like others.



The last one, which is me in real life (tsk), presenting a love story between a female who seeking for love and a fictional character. Yesh, a fictional character.

From the shots of having her chatting via social media, and how she felt into the deep sea because she couldn’t find someone that could company her except her phone and the fictional character in the game.

This idea got the most voted, but i still want to work with the second idea, which is the devil and the machines.



31 – Final Film

Finally my animation film “Loop” is done *jumps happily

I had uploaded on my Youtube channel so do give a look and subscribe my channel if u want to see more animation in the future!




As a reflection for my animation, i think my animation improved a lot in aesthetic sense! It’s my first time ever to try on this colour palette and style to animate, i have a lot of brainstorming and mind-blown at first but when i started to animate everything just getting smoother and smoother (?)

Hope can submit to some film festival so that i can get some popularity …