67 – Post Production / Compositing 02

Back in our first designs, even we put self shading in character sheets, but we were planning to do shading and highlights in after effects during post production.

As when we were doing some details for closeup scenes, we realized the lack of details in character’s top up. In the end, we decided to do self shading, just to add  on some details in the shots so they won’t look really boring.


06_05_classroom 04

Only colours, without shading. 

06_05_classroom 06

With details and colour shading. 

06_05_classroom 07

With shading. 


More post productions are still working in progress, but we were almost there for the final film!

Now left with the sound designs and music compose ;;;

66 – Post-Production / Compositing 01

Never update for long time due busy on colouring on our scenes finally…

I remember to documentation but just forgot to upload everything here, so here’s some compositing and somehow the final look of our film!!



Animated by Lene, composited by Sichao

Shot above is the first scene of our film, the dreamy sequence of our protagonist Zoe.



Animated by Lene, composited by Sichao



Animated by Lene, composited by Sichao

The shot after title disappear, shows that she had grow up and still in her imaginary space, enjoy her drawing and painting.

The bird is later on fly away from the paper.

65 – Animation Progress 06

Oh ya i forgot to post up this sequence, which it took me about 1 week to finish lining.

It was a long progress because the continuation of the character’s movement, and paper dropping animation.




Rough animation. 




Rough camera movement + Colour. 

Roughhhhhh time to animate this whole shot but is challenging tho.


AND More colouring scenes completed, and almost done with all of them!!

06_05_classroom 04.gif

Classroom scene 02. 

06_05_classroom 05.gif

Classroom scene 02. 


08_01 line 01.gif

Lineart of 08-01. 


Colouring of 08-01. 


Not gonna post every shot’s progress, please stay tune for our final film!!

64 – Animation Progress 05

We finally finished the lining and other animation sequences, and now we reached colouring stage.

Meanwhile SC started to composite the shots that we’re done.



Animated by Lene.

In her dreamy sequences, she is happy to see the bird finish painted and flies out from her paper.


Animated by Lene.

Scene after the previous shot, where her mother enters her bedroom and gives her more homeworks to finish, at the same time she hides the painting at her back.



Animated by Lene.

This is the scene where Zoe is on the way back home with her mother, before passing by the art studio.



Animated by Lene.



Animated by Lene, background by SC. 

Without inserting background into our animation, it looks boring but after I tried to put background to see the colours and effect, it works well to combine both styles together in the same shot.

63 – Animation Progress 04

Still in lining and fixing some inbetween animations, so not much updates for that.


But today we worked out something to try see how our film looks like!



Kid shot, done by Lene. BG by SC. 



Bedroom shot, done by me. BG by SC.


Classroom shot, done by me. BG by SC.


Classroom shot, done by me. BG by SC.


Of course this is really base of the backgrounds and SC haven’t finalise most of them. He said that he will add more lighting and shading effects into the film during our post-production stage.

62 – Animation Progress 03

I continue on the classroom scenes, from my previous shot.

In my storyboard and animatic, the other students in classroom will look at Zoe when she got tapped by her teacher.

I tried out only teacher and Zoe animated, but it seems so weird to have them having interactions, but others just static. So I animated the rest of the students in the end.

06_05_classroom 01

Before, when it’s only teacher and Zoe are moving. 

06_05_classroom 02

After added the rest of the students in the scene. 

Personally prefer the latest one, because it showed different students personalities in classroom, make the animation have resonance and feel realistic in this scene.


Realized that I will use around 2 to three days to finish line a scene, especially the scenes with continuous shots, gonna be faster in lining and ensure the consistency again.

06_05_classroom 03.gif

The rest of scene 6.

(the head turning down animation is really taking a lot of time due to perspectives and volumes of Zoe’s head.)

61 – Animation Progress 02

We consulted one of our lecturer, Raul Garcia yesterday on all our rough animation, he said so far so good but he emphasized on some minor action where we require more delays and consistency in animation.

Example like the previous shot where Zoe was checking on her dress, Raul asked us to add a few more frames in order to break the stiff and mechanical motions.


Classroom shot 1 are perfectly done so he said we can proceed to next step.


Rough Animation for classroom shot 1.


Line art for classroom shot 1.




Flipping book blocking


Flipping book rough animation.


Flipping book line art.

60 – Animation Progress 01


I finished the rough animation as well the lining for the sequence above, it was so hard to keep consistency throughout the lining progress.



Rough Animation.


Line art of the shot.



The running sequence is a pain for me but is quite challenging to animate it, most challenging part is playing with the perspective, which later on we will use ae to animate the camera movement.


Blocking of running sequences. 


Rough Animation. 



08_05_run block.gif

Loop of running – Blocking.

08_05_run rough.gif

Loop of running – Rough Animation


59 – Animation (Blocking) 02

More blocking coming in and actually me and Lene already finished the blocking within two weeks time… I forgot to upload all the WIP here so right now just upload them in one shot.

These are the classroom scenes that I finished blocking, meanwhile I’m doing rough animation.
Lene will be lining and animate at the same time.




Some of the scenes need lesser animation, example like eye blinking, so I straight away line and animate it at the same time.



The shot below is the most saddest scene in the film so I animated her walks slow and heavy step, this gif is rough animation because not much in between to add during blocking stage so I just animate this shot.



Timing still to be fix for the scene below.




58 – Update

New animation short is UP!



WARNING: Blood and murder in this short.

Its my minor project from my school and I think I actually enjoyed doing this piece, sound effects are painful tho.

This short is actuallly my experiment short and I want to try something different from what I have been doing in past few years.

(even the colour schemes is almost close to my Loop)


AND I always forgot to update my portfolio or websites but if I do remember I will keep update everything that I have done to just SHOW I DID SOMETHING.


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